My child has become an adult

Their coming of age will result in your son or daughter taking on an increasing amount of responsibility. Child benefit payments will continue in certain situations. If none of these situations apply to your son or daughter, please contact KidsLife so that we can provide you with more information.  

My child has graduated

Going to school 

In most cases, children who are 18 years old and still attend school are entitled to child benefit.

Secondary education: Those who attend at least 17 lessons at a recognised school are entitled to child benefit.

Higher education: To be eligible during higher education, students must at least be enrolled in lectures totalling 27 study credits or more. 

Part-time education: A child benefit entitlement may also apply in the case of part-time education, provided that the income from employment (in addition to part-time education) does not exceed 551.89 euros gross per month.

My child is going abroad
Is your son or daughter about to embark on a foreign adventure? Please contact us for specific information on how to retain your child benefit entitlement.  

My child had become an adult

Job-seeking school leaver 

A young person may be entitled to child benefit for another 360 days if he or she: 

  • Is younger than 25 years
  • Is no longer subject to compulsory education
  • Is registered with the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB)  
  • Has a monthly income (employment, social security benefit, illness, disability, work-related accident, work-related illness) that does not exceed 551.89 euros gross 

The 360 days commence: 

On 1 August following the final full school or academic year
The day after stopping their final studies.
The day following submission of their final project 

! If the job seeker has not registered with the VDAB, their child benefit terminates: 

  • at the end of the month in which classes are discontinued.  
  • at the end of the final month of holiday if he or she has attended classes until the end of the school year. The holiday runs until 31 August in secondary or non-higher education and until 30 September in higher education. 



Full-time Education 

Young people may take on a side job during their studies. The rule is that, during the school year, they can work up to 240 hours per three months without the risk of losing their child benefit. 

Between 2 school years, the young person can work an unlimited number of hours in the 3rd quarter and still retain their child benefit entitlement. Young persons who stop studying after the current school year, however, may not work for more than 240 hours in the 3rd quarter.

Part-time education: 

Most young people in part-time education combine their study with a job. The young person's gross income may not exceed 551.89 euro per month. 
Student job during the summer holidays? This income is not taken into account if the young person is going back to study the following school year.  

Unsure whether a certain type of employment entitles you to child benefit? Ask KidsLife! 

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