My child is starting pre-school

From childcare to pre-school... it's another big step for your little one! This key milestone deserves a financial boost. 

From 1/1/2019, all 3-year-old children who are enrolled in Dutch-language education, and children aged 4 years old who remain enrolled and attend school frequently enough, receive an allowance of 132.60 euros per year: the toddler allowance 

toddler allowance
When do I receive the toddler allowance? 

You are only entitled to the toddler allowance for 3-year-olds if your child was registered in pre-school no later than two months after their third birthday. You receive the pre-school allowance in the month following the month in which we received your child's registration details, and in the month following their 3rd birthday at the earliest.

For 4-year-olds, you receive the pre-school allowance in the month following their fourth birthday at the earliest, provided that we have already received the necessary information regarding registration and attendance from the Flemish Ministry of Education & Training.

Please note: this pre-school allowance forms part of the Growth Package and only applies to toddlers who turn three or four years of age on or after 1/1/2019. 

Do I need to apply for the toddler allowance myself? 

No! KidsLife automatically commences pre-school allowance payment once the Ministry of Education & Training has sent us the school registration details. Only if you live in Wallonia or Brussels, you have to apply.

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