My child is going to childcare

If your child attends a Dutch-language childcare facility in Flanders or Brussels-Capital, and you do not pay based on your income, then you are entitled to a childcare allowance of 3.23 euros per child, per day of care as of 1/1/2019. 

Childcare allowance?

If you live in Flanders, the childcare allowance is automatically awarded on the 20th of the month following the month of childcare. You do not need to submit an application for this; your childcare facility will provide us with all the necessary information on a monthly basis. 

If you live in Brussels or Wallonia, this is not an automatic process and you must submit an application. 

How is this calculated?

A day comprising at least 5 childcare hours counts as a full day of childcare. If your child attends a childcare facility for a minimum of 3 hours and less than 5 hours, this counts as a half day of childcare. Two half childcare days count as one full childcare day. 

For example:

Baby Lore spends 10 full and 7 half days in childcare during one month. For that month, she is therefore entitled to an allowance for 13.5 childcare days (13.5 x 3.23 euros).


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Types of childcare

Family childcare

Family childcare is a small-scale childcare service, typically provided by one childcare worker.

Family childcare takes care of an average of 4 children. This can be more during peak periods. The number of children is defined on the childcare facility's permit and never exceeds 8.  

Family childcare typically takes place in the childcare worker’s own home, but can also take place at another location, for example inside a school building.

Family childcare is also referred to as 'child-minding'.  

Group childcare

Group childcare is a larger childcare service provided by several childcare workers. 

Group childcare has a minimum of nine childcare places. This means that at least 9 children are present at the same time. 
The children are cared for in groups consisting of up to 18 children. Each childcare worker is responsible for a maximum of 9 children. Fewer childcare workers may be present during breaks. 

Group childcare is also referred to as 'day-care' or a 'crèche'. 

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