Care allowances


Care allowance for orphans 

Children with at least one deceased parent are entitled to the care allowance for orphans. 

If both parents are deceased, this care allowance is 100% of the basic amount. If only one parent has deceased, this amount is reduced to 50% of the basic amount. Unlike in the past, the current family situation of the surviving parent no longer plays a role. 

A child born before 1 January 2019, but orphaned on or after that date, is entitled to this new care allowance from that moment onwards. 

For those already receiving an orphan's benefit prior to 2019, nothing will change. 

Foster parent

Foster care allowance 

The foster care allowance is a supplementary monthly allowance in addition to the basic amount for children placed in a foster family, with the exception of supportive foster care. 

When a child is placed in a foster family from 2019 onwards, a foster care allowance of 63.03 euros is awarded. If it concerns perspective foster care (= foster care of a continuous and long-term nature), then this amount is paid to the foster carer in full. If it concerns prospective foster care (= foster care with a short-term nature), then the benefit is paid to the placement beneficiary. 

The placement beneficiary will continue to receive the foster care bonus if this was awarded before 1 January 2019, providing there is no change in the placement. 

We automatically determine entitlement; you do not need to request this allowance. 

Children with disability

Care allowance for children with specific support needs 

This care allowance is a supplementary monthly allowance in addition to the basic amount for children with a specific disability or illness. This monthly allowance can be awarded under certain conditions up until the age of 21. It varies from 82.37 euros to 549.12 euros. It is intended to help parents cope with the financial consequences of their child’s support needs.

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