Orphan's and Allowance for children with a disability


Orphan’s allowance 

Children with at least one deceased parent are entitled to a fixed orphan's allowance of 368.03 euros

If the parent dies in Belgium, we are automatically notified via the national register. We then examine whether you are entitled to the orphan's benefit. If you do not receive the supplementary orphan's allowance automatically, please contact us. You must always send us the obituary in the event of a death abroad. 

Children with disability

Allowance for children with a disability 

This is a monthly allowance in addition to the basic amount for children with a specific disability or illness. This monthly allowance can be awarded up until the age of 21. The allowance amount varies according to the number of points the child scores on the medical-social scale. It is intended to help parents cope with the financial consequences of their child’s support needs. 

Would you like to arrange an examination or receive more information about a decision that has already been taken? Please contact our child benefit fund. 

The FPS social security service doctor evaluates your child’s disability or disorder. 

How can you apply for this allowance? 

Contact KidsLife! We will submit your enquiry to the FPS social security service, who will send the required documents to you for completion by the doctor. 

When will you receive the allowance? 

The FPS social security service doctor will establish the degree of disability or disorder and determine the period of incapacity.
If your child is starting work, please inform us as soon as possible.  

What are the allowance amounts?

The allowance amount is paid according to the number of points scored on the medical-social scale: 

  Less than 4 points in pillar 1 A minimum of 4 points in pillar 1
Total 0 - 5 points   84,01 euros
Total 6 - 8 points 111,89 euros 431,00 euros
Total 9 - 11 points 261,10 euros 431,00 euros
Total 12 - 14 points 431,00 euros 431,00 euros
Total 15 - 17 points 490,07 euros 490,07 euros
Total 18 - 20 points 525,08 euros 525,08 euros
Total + 20 points 560,08 euros 560,08 euros


Contact us

For questions regarding the medical examination itself, please contact the FPS Social Security  service on toll-free number: 0800 987 99