Child benefit for everyone

Child benefit is awarded to all children in Brussels.
Every child is entitled to a baby bonus, a basic amount and an annual allowance.
The Common Community Commission (GGC) will only assume responsibility for child benefits from 1/1/2020. Until then, the Federal legislation pertaining to child benefits remains valid. 

Maternity allowance

Maternity allowance 

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! 

The maternity allowance is a one-off bonus that parents receive upon the birth of a child.
We pay you the bonus 2 months prior to your expected due date at the earliest. 

Birth before 2020

  • Father and/or mother’s first child: 1,297.92 euros
  • Second and subsequent child: 976.53 euros

Birth from 2020

  • Father and/or mother’s first child: 1100 euros
  • Second and subsequent child: 500 euros

I'm pregnant

Apply for maternity allowance


Basic amount 

Upon application, the child benefit fund will calculate the amount you will receive based on various factors. Child benefit is comprised of various components: 

  • Basic amount: everyone who is entitled to child benefit receives this amount. For orphans, this also includes an orphan's allowance. The amount increases incrementally from the first to the third child. The same amount is paid for every subsequent child following the third.
  • Age supplement: your child receives a higher child benefit as he or she gets older. 
Basci amount Per month
1st child 95,80 euros
2nd child 177,27 euros
3rd child 264,67 euros


Annual age supplement

Annual age supplement

The annual age supplement, also known as the school bonus, is a supplementary allowance that you receive each year in August, together with your child benefit for the month of July.

The school bonus is paid automatically.  

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