Baby on the way

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! 

We can help you give your bundle of joy the best start in life. You are also entitled to a starting amount if you are adopting a child. Read more about this here. 

Ik ben zwanger


If you reside in Brussels, you can apply for maternity allowance even before your baby is born! Simply complete your application via our handy online tool and we will process it swiftly and accurately. You will receive your maternity allowance from KidsLife 2 months prior to your expected due date. 

I'm pregnant

Foster parent

Foster parent 

As a foster parent, you are responsible for the care and costs associated with raising your foster child. You will therefore receive the full basic amount, potentially supplemented with allowances and social allowances for your foster child. You do not need to apply for this. We will automatically be informed of the placement by the competent foster care authorities and will immediately make the necessary changes to your file! 

I want to adopt


Adopting a child is a major commitment. Parents who welcome an adopted child into their family are entitled to an adoption bonus. This allowance is the same as the baby bonus for newborns. 

I want to adopt

Do you have any questions? We are here to help you! Contact a KidsLife Adviser. 

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